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A floret of Champagne

It is in compliance with the champagne tradition that our vines flourish on a clay-limestone soil to Cormoyeux one florets of Champagne nestled in the heart of the Marne Valley. Our vineyards are located 25 km from Reims, 12 km of Epernay and 6 km of Hautvillers cradle of champagne.

A southern exposure

At an elevation of 200 m, our horseshoe-shaped terroir allows maximum exposure to the sun the day and which renders the heat night.

An outstanding sub-soil

Filed by a tropical sea there are 45 million years in our limestone sand, 'Campanils Giganteum' fossilized shells give minerality and exceptional quality to our champagnes.
pinot noir
pinot meunier

Exceptional grapes

In a environmentally-friendly growing we cultivate the three Champagne grapes :

- PINOT NOIR is the grape that brings to the body and the power Assembly. Wine resulting therefrom are distinguished by red fruit aromas and a marked structure.

- CHARDONNAY is the perfect grape for the ageing of wine. Chardonnay wines are characterized by delicate aromas, floral notes, citrus, sometimes mineral.

- PINOT MEUNIER gives soft and fruity wines that evolve a little faster over time and provide blend roundness

Exceptional cuvées

Combining Tradition and advanced technology, the Boude Baudin family develops its Champagne with very great attention, surrounding himself with men and the most advanced tools of the moment to make you taste exceptional cuvees